The musk ox wool comes from wild musk oxen in Greenland. The yarn produced from the musk ox wool is sold from this site

Musk ox wool and yarn have never before been available for sale in Europe.

Qiviut, pronounced kiv-ee-ute, is one of the finest natural fibres obtainable. Qiviut is the downy-soft underside wool from the arctic musk ox - oomingmak - umimmak in Greenlandic. The raw fiber of musk ox is unlike any other animal fibre, and word is slowly getting around to fashion designers.

Spinners claim that musk ox wool is eight times warmer than wool and extraordinarily lightweight. It doesn't scratch or shrink in hot water. It can be hand and machine washed in any mild detergent and will last for many years.

It is the most rare and unique wool available today, and of limited amount. It is warm and soft as no other fibre.

Musk ox wool is in high demand by people all over the world because of its lightness and extreme insulation power as well as its cloudlike softness. Being so light, qiveut has a very elegant drape. If someone were to put a touch of qiveut fiber in your hand with your eyes closed, you would not feel the fibre touch your hand. Musk ox wool is proven to he the softest natural fibre in the world.

They live in their natural habitat and are hunted by Inuit hunters for meat and fur.

Musk ox yarn does not crimp or felt. It is easy to care for, can be washed with mild shampoo or wool detergent. It responds well to dyeing. 

 Extremly rare

 Unsurpassed warmth and softness

 Light as air

 Musk ox yarn is hypoallergenic

 Will not shrink or shed

 Odorless when wet

 Retains heat when wet

 Easily maintained

Use the Musk ox yarn for shawls, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves.

Perfect for travelling, weighs nothing, takes up allmost no room in the suitcase and is warm as a sweater. For the chilly evenings where you want to be outside, and still elegant and fasionable.

For winter, hats, gloves or mittens, takes up little space, but keeps you warm.

Scarves and shawls, keeping your neck and head warm, feeling like a soft caress.

For the celebration, drape the elegant shawl over your shoulders and your evening dress. Use the unique brooch to hold the shawl in place.

An exclusive gift for the one you love – or you self.

Musk Oxen

The musk oxen are large animals that look a lot like bisons or buffalos, but are significantly smaller than cows and provide wool like sheep. Its long, brown fur hangs almost to its feet. It is peaceful animals that only eat plants and are full-grown at the age of six.

Musk oxen are one of the oldest species of mammals still living today. About one million years ago the ancestors of these bovines roamed the steppes of Northern Asia, along with the mammoth. They are acclimatized the barren arctic deserts with its extreme cold and food with low nutritive value.

Musk oxen who are moved from their natural habitat often develop bad hoofs and eventually cannot walk.

In the middle of the 18. century musk oxen were extinct in north America and only lived in Greenland. Species from Greenland were moved to Canada, and today they live wild in Canada, and are farmraised in Alaska, Canada and Montana. There are experiments at certain farms with a groth hormone, methionine, which should make the wool longer

In Greenland the Musk ox lives as it has allways done, in the wild, forming small herds in the arctic desert land. It is fully grown at the age of 6 and there are strict hunting quota to ensure the population.

The musk ox sheds its fleece once a year, typically in spring, and grows a new layer each fall. It usually bears only one calf every two years. The fleece yield is five to seven pounds per musk ox, which is cleaned and de-haired.

In Greenland, some inuit collect the wool from shrubs and rocks, but that wool is used only in the family. Every year a number of animals are hunted by local hunters, the meat sold in the local market. The hides are now sold to my supplier, the wool are cleaned and dehaired, sent to England to be cleaned again, and finally shipped til Denmark to be spun – and become the yarn I sell.

Musk oxen have made a strong comeback from near extinction. That's good news to the fashion enthusiasts!

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